December 1, 2022

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Queen Elizabeth II’s Four Children Will Perform Their Last Vigil at Westminster

Through the official royal release on the website In connection with the series of state funerals for Queen Elizabeth II, it was explained that there would be a final vigil procession of the Queen’s children to be held at Westminster on Friday night (16/9/2022) at 19.30 local time.

Previously, the procession, known as the Vigil of the Princes, was also carried out while the coffin was still at St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh last Monday. At least 33,000 Edinburgh mourners stopped by to pay their respects to the Queen at St Giles Cathedral.

The vigil procession is an event where the Queen’s four children will guard near the coffin. The Vigil will be carried out for about 15 minutes by King Charles III with Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward along with ceremonial guards in Westminster Hall where their 96-year-old mother’s coffin has been resting since Wednesday night.

Based on information from dailymail, Queen Elizabeth II’s grandchildren will also have their own vigil on Saturday. Prince William, Prince of Wales and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex are set to join the Queen’s six other grandchildren in a vigil procession.

The Queen’s casket is still in Westminster Hall and continues to receive the final respects from mourners until Monday (19/9/2022) at 06.30 local time. After that hour, mourners are no longer accepted because there will be a follow-up procession carried out by the royal party. The long queue of mourners is still snaking even to the London Bridge.

On Thursday, the palace shared plans for the Queen’s funeral which will be held on Monday (19/9/2022). The Queen’s casket will be taken to Westminster Abbey for the service at 11.00pm. Then head to Wellington Arch, at Hyde Park Corner for a brief procession of gun salutes. After that, the coffin will be carried by hearse to St. Chapel. George at Windsor Castle for the final procession where the Queen’s funeral will be held behind closed doors. Queen Elizabeth II will be buried with her husband, Prince Philip.

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