December 6, 2022

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PSG are interested in selling Neymar if the price offered is attractive, this is the analysis

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) seems to be nervous about Neymar’s presence in the current squad. Although, Neymar himself only signed a contract last year until 2025, the president of Les Parisiens has opened the door for Neymar.

From the writer’s point of view, understand why PSG want to sell him. One of the reasons, the player from the Brazilian national team is often hit by injuries. So, because of that, Neymar is sidelined more often. The next reason, why does Neymar seem no longer special in the eyes of PSG? Because since he was brought in from Barcelona in 2018 at a very fantastic price, the effect of this purchase for PSG seems to be meaningless. The reason is, Neymar is still not able to bring PSG to achieve as he wants.

The achievement in question, is the Champions League. Neymar has won many trophies with PSG. Starting from Ligue-1, and so on. But for PSG, having not won the Champions League is a slap in the face for the purchase of Neymar, who is considered to be a lot. Instead of Neymar, the arrival of the Barcelona superstar, Lionel Messi, to PSG is indeed to embrace the trophy as far as the Blue Continent. Unfortunately, even a Messi, seems to still need to adapt longer there. Even then, if PSG will not experience saturation over the Argentine striker.

Since Kylian Mbappe signed a new contract for the Parc des Princes club, all the players seem to be in question mark. The reason is, what the author understands, Mbappe has everything. Have a high mandate. So, Mbappe has the right to call players who he thinks deserve to be in uniform with him at PSG. Vice versa. Players who have been assessed as mimble, Mbappe also has the right to kick him. Of course through the director of PSG, Luis Campos. Mbappe just points to Campos at his will, and Campos, too, must submit to the young master of Mbappe if Campos does not want to lose his position. Horrible isn’t it?

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Technically speaking about Neymar, he is indeed a very capable type. The quality of the 30-year-old, of course, cannot be doubted. But, that was it. In the last two seasons, Neymar has often been injured. So that his contribution is judged not to be commensurate with his exorbitant salary. So, it’s only natural that PSG want to sell him.