September 27, 2022

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Prohibition of wearing mother’s flip-flops wearing a dress to the market with these footwear

Indonesian people when riding a motorcycle are accustomed to using flip-flops as footwear. The use of flip-flops is actually not recommended because it does not provide protection for the motorcyclist.

However, recently there was a scene on social media about the ban on motorbikes using flip-flops. In response to the commotion, several netizens reacted.

One of them is this mother in a dress who goes to the market wearing shoes. The video of the mother wearing a dress to the market wearing shoes was re-uploaded by the Instagram viralyes social media account.

“Had to wear shoes to the market,” written in the video as quoted by, Friday (17/06/2022).

Video footage shows a mother riding an automatic motorbike and complete with a helmet. The mother apparently just came from the market.

He went to the market wearing a negligee as usual. However, this time it was a little different with the footwear he used.

If mother usually wears a dress up to the market, she wears flip-flops. Because of the furore about the ban on the use of flip-flops for motorcyclists, the mother in the dress-up wore shoes.

He wore sports shoes complete with long socks. As a result, long socks cover the calves of his feet.

Netizens Response

Mother dressed up to the market wearing shoes. (Instagram/ virales)

Meanwhile, the negligee is worn only as long as the knee. The video of the mother wearing a dress to the shoe market attracted the attention of netizens to write various responses in the comments column.

There are netizens who say that if my mother wears a dress and shoes to the market, her outfit is even more similar to the Augustan competition. There were also netizens who were salfok with the mother’s socks in the dress.

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“I can’t imagine going to the mosque wearing a robe but wearing shoes,” commented one netizen.

“It’s funny, it’s like going to a soccer competition in August,” said another.

“This is for security as well, wearing shoes looks more neat and clean,” other responses.

“It’s funny not to have striped legs if you ride a motorbike in broad daylight,” write another.

“Oh my God, you’re looking for your socks,” another netizen said.

After just a few hours of uploading, the video of the mother wearing a dress to the shoe market has already received 28.5 thousand views on the reels and 921 likes.