December 1, 2022

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Prince Andrew and Harry Allowed to Wear Military Uniforms During Vigil

Previously, during the procession for the transfer of Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin from Buckingham Palace to Westminster on Wednesday (15/9/2022), all of the Queen’s children, including her grandchildren, Prince William and Prince Harry, had the opportunity to join the procession. They walked slowly behind Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin in military attire. Except for two people from the royal family who only wear suits, namely Prince Harry and the Queen’s third child, Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew is no longer allowed to wear military clothing after his military title was stripped by the Queen in early 2022 as a result of the sexual harassment scandal that befell him. Meanwhile, Prince Harry no longer has a military title following his decision to step down from the kingdom and move to the United States in 2020.

As reported by The Mirror, the palace officials finally gave special permission for Prince Andrew to wear his uniform at the final vigil for the Queen in Westminster Hall for 15 minutes. The last guard will be carried out on Friday night (9/16/2022) with his three other brothers, namely King Charles III, Princess Anne, and Prince Edward.

The kingdom’s decision to grant the permit has drawn mixed public reactions. Some argue that Prince Harry deserves more.

Omid Scobie, a royal journalist gave the latest update via Twitter on Thursday.

Dramatically, the palace informed that Prince Harry could wear his military uniform at the final vigil procession. On Saturday night, Harry will join the other seven grandchildren in Westminster Hall for a 15-minute guard around the Queen’s chest.,” wrote Scobie.

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It was first reported by The Mirror, following remarks from Harry who said that his military service was not determined by the uniform he wore. It’s understandable that the palace gave in to public sentiment after thousands of people complained about the decision to ban Prince Harry and supposedly Prince Andrew being banned,” said Scobie via Twitter @scobie.

With this, Prince Harry finally also got permission to wear his military uniform in a vigil or guard procession for his beloved late grandmother. Prince Harry will join Prince William and the six other grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II in a special vigil procession planned for Saturday (17/8/2022) in Westminster Hall.