August 14, 2022

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Prevent Stuck in Toxic Relationships, Recognize 4 Red Flags on First Date

Many people are often stressed due to a romantic relationship that is not lived up to expectations. I used to think that having a partner would be fun and happy. However, after living the reality is not in line with expectations.

That’s why you have to be careful before deciding to have a relationship with someone. Don’t let those whose intentions are happy have a partner, so they get trapped in a toxic relationship.

So that it doesn’t happen, it’s best to know anything red flags on the first date, so that in the future you can consider that your crush is not right to be a partner. Come on, take a look!

1. Not honoring your wishes

Pay close attention to how your crush behaves on the first date when you want something. Whether he respects her or not.

For example, he still wants to be alone, but you refuse because tomorrow you have to leave early, so tonight you can’t sleep too late. It’s been explained well, but your crush doesn’t want to understand and still insists.

Well, this kind of attitude can actually be a ‘red light’ if you later become a couple, your relationship will be toxic. He can’t accept rejection even if it’s your wish.

2. Saying inappropriately to others

When dating, also pay attention to how his attitude towards those around him. Is it polite or not. If he says rude or inappropriate words to other people, for example to restaurant waiters, it shows his true character, you know.

If his attitude towards you is always sweet, it could be because he is still in the PDKT stage. Later when it is made, the original character will come out. You will often be hurt by his unethical words.

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3. Badmouthing your ex

It’s natural to mention your ex in a conversation. Of course you want to know what the past relationship was like.

However, you should be careful if he badmouths your ex in front of you. If at this time he is able to vilify the person who had filled his heart first, it is not impossible that in the future you will be the next turn.

4. Often check your phone when you’re talking

If during a discussion with him you are ignored, and he is busy alone with his cellphone, that’s done red flag if the character has a problem. His attitude is not only disrespectful, it also shows that he doesn’t respect you, you know.

If your crush shows these attitudes on the first date, you should not proceed to the next stage. Possibly toxic!