July 2, 2022


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Polking must change the playing style of the Thai national team if he doesn’t want to be fired

The Thailand national team coach, Alexandre Polking, successfully brought the White Elephant Team to embrace the 2020 AFF Cup. Moreover, the Thai national team also successfully set foot in the 2023 Asian Cup grand event. Of course, Thailand’s brilliance is inseparable from the Brazilian coach’s precise tactics.

However, Alexandre Polking could have been sacked by the Thai football federation, FAT. Because, even though Thailand is doing well, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the Thai national team is terrible.

This was stated directly by Piyapong Pewon, a Thai football legend. According to him, when Thailand competed in the Asian Cup Qualification yesterday, Thailand looked less sharp and terrible. Especially in the Asian scene.

One of the things that can be seen, is that Alexandre Polking’s men had to lose 2:0 against Uzbekistan. Victory over Maldives or Sri Lanka is not something to be exaggerated. Because both, both Maldives and Sri Lanka, it is clear Thailand is the favorite.

Thailand is above them. However, the defeat to Uzbekistan made Alexandre Polking in the spotlight as the White Elephant’s coach.

Obviously, the Thai national team’s victory over the Maldives and Sri Lanka was indeed enough to make Thailand step foot in the upcoming 2023 Asian Cup final. Because the two victories, made Thailand collect six points. And that has made Thailand one of the five best runners-up under the Indonesian national team.

But again, Piyapong Pewon as a legend of the Thai national team, a 2:0 defeat against Uzbekistan judged Thailand to be lacking in bite. Thailand’s sharp fangs are completely gone.

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Therefore, Alexandre Polking was forced to change Thailand’s style of play. The sharp fangs that were lost, must be back there. So that in the upcoming 2023 Asian Cup, Thailand will not become a goal barn. Because, in the Asian Cup later, there will be more teams that are stronger than Uzbekistan.

In fact, Piyapong Pewon said, if only Alexandre Polking was not able to change the Thai national team’s style of play in a better direction, Alexandre Polking could have lost his coaching chair before his contract expired.