July 2, 2022


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PMM Students of University of Muhammadiyah Malang Increase Self-Awareness of Children in Orphanages

Self-awareness is one thing that is important to continuously improve. Self-Awareness is a person’s ability to understand himself as well as possible, this is related to one’s awareness of thoughts, self-evaluation and feelings. A person’s self-awareness is given regardless of one’s background and should be given as early as possible so that it can be embedded in children until adulthood.

In planning to increase self-awareness, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) students who are members of the Student Community Service (PMM) group, Group 52 Batch 5 consisting of Widya Rini Setyaningsih, Lidya Afriva Yunia Arum, Nanda Wuri Handayani, Annisa Putri Kusuma and Syafira Audahani carry out their programs and activities at one of the orphanages in Malang, namely Yayasan Yatim Piatu As. Salaam Shobuur.

The orphanage is located on Jl. Sengkaling Park I Blok B1 No.1, Jetak Lor, Mulyoagung, Kec. Dau, Malang Regency, East Java 65151. In carrying out their programs and activities, UMM students are certainly not alone, they are directly guided by Muhammad Fath Mashuri, S. Psi., MA, who is a lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology UMM.

Coordinator of the PMM 52 Group 5, Widya Rini Setyaningsih said that “this activity was carried out as a form of our concern about the self-awareness of the orphanage children.”

The programs and activities carried out are aimed at increasing the self-awareness of orphaned children at the Assalam Shobuur Orphanage Foundation. In order to achieve this goal, of course, the right method is needed, UMM students use psychoeducational and mentoring methods.

The psychoeducational method is carried out by educating orphans about what self-awareness is and aspects of self-awareness, this is useful for orphans in increasing knowledge about self-awareness. In addition, this is given and taught so that the increase in self-awareness can be carried out gradually and correctly. This method will continue to be monitored and evaluated every week so that students know how far the orphanage children’s knowledge about self-awareness is.

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The mentoring method used is useful so that the orphanage children can be directly guided by students in increasing self-awareness. In mentoring orphanage children, UMM students made activities such as learning assistance, sharing sessions and providing a forum for orphanage children to develop their talents. From this mentoring method, students will map the talents, interests and potentials of the orphanage children so that they can find out and continue to improve them.

The caretaker of the orphanage said “thank you to UMM students who have carried out PMM at the As. Salaam Shobuur Orphanage Foundation, hopefully the knowledge that will be given to the orphans can be useful for them now and in the future”

With the implementation of these programs and activities, UMM students hope that the orphanage children can continue to improve their self-awareness because it is useful for them to be aware and know themselves. That way they will be easy to achieve the desired future.