August 14, 2022

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Pick Up Car Passengers Sitting in Boxes Make Gazes, Warganet: Full Safety

Pick up cars functioned as four-wheeled vehicles to transport goods. However, in Indonesia, the function of a pickup truck is not only for transporting goods.

Pick up cars here are also used to transport people. Recently, a video of a pick-up car passenger has gone viral on social media.

“Anti ticket, boss,” wrote the uploader as a description of the upload as quoted by, Friday (05/08/2022).

Video footage shows the atmosphere of the highway in the city whose vehicle number plate is K. Traffic on the highway looks busy smoothly.

There is a white pick-up car that attracts the attention of other road users. The white pick-up car was used to transport people.

The interesting thing about the passengers of this pick up car is wearing a helmet. All pick-up passengers, the majority of whom are middle-aged, wear helmets on their heads.

The helmets used are not careless, but helmets with Indonesian national standards (SNI). The SNI helmet that should be worn by motorcycle riders is actually used by pick-up car passengers sitting in the box.

Although the vehicle they are riding is not allowed to carry people because it is dangerous, they are on guard to avoid this by wearing a helmet. Not only unique because all passengers wear helmets.

Passengers of this pick up car also sat in a row neatly. They form 3 rows back.

Pick up car passengers wearing helmets sitting in a box. (Instagram/laughs)

Just uploaded a few hours ago, the video has already received 463,000 views on reels and 28.1 thousand likes. The comment column for the video upload received various responses from netizens who watched it.

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There are netizens who say passengers wear helmets for safety. Until confused with their intention to ride a car but use a helmet.

“Keep safe, afraid to be thick,” commented one netizen.

“Full safety” another said adding a laughing emoji.

“Helmets in cars for what?” said another.

“It’s true to drive wearing a helmet, but don’t ride a car either,” another word.

“The definition of being fined in congregation and being brought to the Isilop office,” other netizens’ comments.