August 18, 2022

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Phone: Disclosure of Investigation Results that Lead to Endless Terror

Every job has its own risks. Starting from a mild risk, to a high level of risk that could lead to terror or loss of life. The same goes for being a journalist.

Although it is a challenging job, however, many people are interested in pursuing this one job. Unfortunately, this work, which is primarily aimed at disseminating information to the general public, also carries enormous risks.

Moreover, if the information disseminated by the journalist relates to something very secret, or relates to figures who have power and authority.

This happens to a South Korean journalist named Ji Won (played by Ha Ji Won), a critical and intelligent investigative reporter.

After publishing a phenomenal and controversial article about a romance scandal, Ji Won’s life begins to be disrupted. Ji Won’s calm and privacy begins to disappear when he begins to receive various phone calls that threaten his safety.

In order to avoid the constant terror he received, Ji Won finally decided to change his phone number, and moved to a new house.

But unfortunately, his decision did not have a significant effect. Even though he has changed his phone number and also moved to a new house, Ji Won still receives terror and threats from those who feel disturbed by the articles he publishes.

Of course, the series of terrors made Ji Won’s life tense and uneasy. However, Ji Won is still safe because he always ignores the incoming phone rings.

But unfortunately, things got complicated when a girl owned by a friend answered one of the incoming calls.

After the incident, the girl began to show strange and odd behavior. In fact, this is exacerbated by the increasing number of people who die mysteriously.

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Ignoring everything he has been through, Ji Won finally decides to fight to the death in order to be able to reveal the mystery that exists, as well as end the threatening cycle of death.

What do you think really happened? How can it be like that? How is Ji Won’s struggle to reveal the mystery he is facing? Find the full answer in the movie Phone this is it guys! Don’t forget, prepare the heart. Because this film also contains scenes that in addition to making goosebumps, also shocks.