December 1, 2022

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People Can Find This Unexpected Thing in Soto Bowl, Warganet: Just Go Home Don’t Be Afraid

A video showing a netizen finding something unexpected in a bowl of soto that has just been ordered has gone viral recently. The bowl of soup immediately became the spotlight.

Imagine, in the viral video footage on TikTok, netizens found a number of caterpillars in the chicken meat served on this soup menu.

The video about netizens finding unusual things in the soto bowl was uploaded by the @inisintaaaaa account and went viral on TikTok on Saturday (10/9/2022).

“What is it xixi?” wrote the warganet as the caption for the upload.

Seen in the video that was shared, a netizen who had just bought a bowl of soto. However, he seemed to be wrongly focused on seeing the appearance of caterpillars from the soto chicken meat he bought.

So far, it is not known with certainty the cause of the appearance of the caterpillars in this bowl of soto. However, after the video went viral on TikTok, various comments were immediately left by netizens.

“Goosebumps all the way here,” wrote one TikTok user.

“How come his eyes are so observant?” continued netizens.

“By God goosebumps,” add another account.

“Just go home, don’t be afraid,” another netizen said.

Dangers That Threatening If Accidentally Eat Caterpillars in Food

Soto bowl with caterpillars (TikTok)
Soto bowl with caterpillars (TikTok)

In general, you don’t have to worry about accidentally eating caterpillars in your food. Because, these animals can be destroyed by stomach acid when it arrives in the human body.

Quoted from Hitekno, but accidentally eating caterpillars in food also poses a serious health hazard and cannot be underestimated. The first threat is because it can cause allergies, ranging from mild such as itching to quite severe such as shortness of breath.

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The second threat if accidentally ingesting caterpillars in food is poisoning. Caterpillars often eat certain organic substances that are harmful to humans. Eating caterpillars in large portions is certainly not recommended.

Body conditions such as diarrhea to vomiting that occur after accidentally eating caterpillars in food should receive immediate medical attention. This condition cannot be underestimated if it starts to interfere with daily life.