January 30, 2023


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Peek at the Character Details of the Cast of “Money Heist: Korea Joint Economic Area”

Latest news from drama Money Heist has caught the attention of fans. Launching from Pinkvilla on Wednesday (22/06/2022), June 22, Netflix held a global press conference for Money Heist: Korea Joint Economic Area the long awaited. In the session they featured the actors, directors, and writers.

It provides an overview of some interesting details about the characters, setting, and much more as it relates to the film. The conference started by introducing the entire cast and they talked about their characters.

Yoo Ji Tae revealed that he usually plays villainous roles, so this will be his first time playing the role of a morally ‘grey’ man who is the mastermind of robberies but works hard to ensure there are no victims. He prefers to use brains than muscles.

Meanwhile Park Hae Soo plays Berlin, he is considered the leader of the team and fans are excited to see him on screen again. Known as the ‘representative of Netflix’ (because he has appeared in two Netflix Originals, in addition to ‘Money Heist’), Park Hae Soo talked about his journey to learning the North Korean accent, as his character is from there.

In this film Jeon Jong Seo as Tokyo, Jang Yoon Ju as Nairobi, Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Gyu Ho as Helsinki and Oslo respectively also talk about the similarities they have with their characters and how interest has been instilled when they watch the Spanish version of the film. “Money Heist”.

There is also some great chemistry between the cast as Lee Won Jung and Kim Ji Hoon as Moscow and Denver respectively, who are father and son in the drama. They said they started to feel a bond in real life too, as they constantly looked after each other during difficult scenes and Kim Ji Hoon even started calling Lee Won Jung off-screen ‘dad’.

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With the detailed footage shared at the press conference, fans are more enthusiastic to immediately watch the drama “Money Heist: Korea Joint Economic Area”. So, good luck!