August 18, 2022

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Pay attention to these 3 things before submitting a resignation!

Even though they have worked in one place for a long time, not everyone feels at home in one job forever. This is not always because of the comfortable or uncomfortable factor. For various reasons, some people decide to resign from their jobs. If you are one of those who have the intention to resign, you should pay attention to the following 3 things:

1. Find out the resignation rules

You can first find out the rules regarding resigning that are in your work contract with the company where you work. Provisions regarding the terms of resignation are also contained in the labor law. You can ask things that are not clear to the HRD where you work.

You can also ask for an explanation regarding your rights if you resign. This is useful for considering the pros and cons if you submit your resignation at this time. Because the difference in the working period can have an impact on the differences in the rights that employees get when resigning.

2. Don’t be sudden

In addition to avoiding non-fulfillment of the resignation requirements, you should not resign suddenly. Pay attention to the minimum requirements for how long before you have to notify the company about this resignation. This is important so that the company can prepare a replacement for you. This will also maintain your good relationship with the company because you have good intentions by not just leaving the company.

In addition, the existence of a time lag can give your co-workers time to adapt to working not with you and you can also gradually hand over work for them to take over before there is a replacement for you.

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3. Tell your co-workers

As a person who works in a team, you should tell your plans to resign to your co-workers. This will make them ready later when you really resign.

This notification is also a form of courtesy and appreciation for you as a friend who has worked together. Imagine if a coworker resigned without ever mentioning any of his plans, you would definitely be disappointed, wouldn’t you? Even this risks causing bad feelings and future relationships will no longer be harmonious. However, it is important to maintain a good relationship.

Those are 3 things you need to pay attention to before resigning. Remember that resigning is a big decision. Make sure you have considered it carefully. You should have a solid plan about what you are going to do next.

Say good-bye and always keep in touch with your boss and co-workers even though you have resigned.