December 2, 2022

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Park Soo Young Reveals Differences with His Character in Korean Drama ‘Once Upon a Small’

Park Soo Young or owner of the name Joy from girl group Red Velvet had the opportunity to join the drama project ‘Once Upon a Small Town.’ This time, Park Soo Young revealed the difference between herself and her character in the drama.

South Korean media Xports News informs that Kakao TV is holding a production presentation of ‘Once Upon a Small Town’ on September 5, 2022 online on line. The event was attended by 3 drama players, Park Soo Young, Chu Young Woo, and Baek Seong Cheol, as well as PD Kwon Seok Jang.

Through the event, Park Soo Young had the opportunity to express her opinion about her latest project this time. “I have dedicated my entire summer when I was 27 years old. This is a beautiful work that many of the staff, actors, and directors, including myself, have changed their souls for.said Park Soo Young.

Park Soo Young is known to have just entered the age of 27 (Korean reckoning) on ​​September 3, 2022. Through this expression, it can be interpreted that Park Soo Young passed the remaining time at the age of 26 by completing the drama project ‘Once Upon a Small Town ‘.

Park Soo Young is trusted to play the main character Ahn Ja Young, a policewoman. “He is a native of Heedong-ri and handles all complaints to the point of being called the center of human complaints, and he loves Heedong-ri very much.Park Soo Young explained the character she was playing.

When asked if there are any similarities between Park Soo Young and Ahn Ja Young, Park Soo Young replied, “About 50%. I don’t run around like Ahn Ja Young, I’m an introvert,” he said. He then added, “But it became much more cheerful while filming. So thanks to Ja Young. Now, the sync rate is 100%.

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At first Park Soo Young said that she was different from her character, Ahn Ja Young who was cheerful and easily interacted with many people. Park Soo Young confessed that he is an introvert. Then Park Soo Young became the same as Ahn Ja Young’s character after she had filmed ‘Once Upon a Small Town.’

The drama ‘Once Upon a Small Town’ airs every Monday to Wednesday starting September 5, 2022 at 19.00 KST on Kakao TV. In addition, viewers can also watch it through the channel streaming Netflix every 19.00 WIB.