August 18, 2022

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Park Gyuri Speaks Up About Mental Health And The Late Goo Hara

After a long time, former KARA member Park Gyuri talked about a girl group member friend who died by suicide a few years ago.

Launch soompi, on the June 24 broadcast of Channel A’s ‘Oh Eun Young’s Golden Clinic,’ Park Gyuri appeared as a guest to speak with renowned psychiatrist Dr. Oh Eun Young about working for her mental health, until Goo Ha Ra’s death.

Park Gyuri has been in the entertainment industry after debuting as a child actress, since then she admits that she always feels pressured not to make mistakes. This pressure made him want to display a bright image, but it had a negative impact on his mental health.

The star admits that she wants to take care of herself, for fear that the people around her will leave if she finds out how she really feels. Because Park Gyuri wants to be honest and comfortable, she chooses to remain silent if her honesty is seen as a weakness.

Gyuri also shared about her situation when many criticized her when news of dating between Gyuri and her non-celebrity boyfriend was revealed. This made him wonder what he had done so many people spoke negatively about him, even though he was just an ordinary person, like other netizens.

Later, Park Gyuri revealed all the things she had been through that made her suffer from severe depression. Until finally Dr. Oh Eun Young asked bluntly, “Are you thinking about ending your life?”. Surprisingly, Park Gyuri had thought about it. This reminds netizens of the case that befell another KARA member, Goo Ha Ra, who was found dead at her residence in November 2019.

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Park Gyuri commented, “I don’t blame him at all, but when Goo Ha Ra died, for the first time, my mind wavered, a lot and it finally broke. I could never have imagined that someone so beautiful, who received so much love, would choose to leave the world.” He added, “Ever since my fellow members left like that [dengan bunuh diri]I also wondered if it would be okay if I talked about him in regards to my own struggles.”

Dr. Oh Eun Young comforted Park Gyuri, saying, “A member who shared your pain and love has died. Those who stay will surely feel sorry for not treating them better. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been at your young age.”

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