December 2, 2022

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Paper Bag Craft in Efforts to Reduce Plastic Waste

As a tangible manifestation of making a direct contribution to the community, therefore, students of Pamulang University Accounting Study Program S1 carried out the Community Service (PKM) program on Sunday (29/05)

This PKM activity was carried out at the Raudhotul Huffazh Islamic Boarding School, South Tangerang. This activity was filled with training on making paper bag crafts by Pamulang University students consisting of Adellia Fahreza Kelana, Fitri Eliawati, Tika Jahrotun Upus and Ari Kartono Zebua and this activity was supervised by the assistant lecturer, Mr. Yulianto, SE, MM

Garbage is the rest of the activities carried out by humans in everyday life. In this case, waste can be classified into organic waste and inorganic waste, plastic waste including inorganic waste which is difficult to decompose and requires special management.

In its life cycle, plastic waste has a lifespan of about 450 to 1000 years so that it can decompose and mix with the soil. The high use of plastic as shopping bags will result in huge piles of waste. Internationally, Worst Plastic Offenders, Indonesia is the second largest contributor to plastic waste after China. According to a study from the University of Georgia, it is estimated that 322 million tons of plastic waste is dumped every year into the sea around Indonesia.

Seeing the high number of this country’s contribution in producing waste, this PKM activity aims to socialize efforts to reduce plastic waste through the form of paper bag crafts. As an alternative to the use of plastic waste, Paper Bags are also a solution to reduce the amount of plastic bag waste.

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This PKM activity was attended by school-age children and the surrounding community in making and decorating environmentally friendly paper bags, they competed to create themselves.

This activity has the aim that school-age children and the surrounding community in particular will be able to hone themselves, instill character in environmental care and to bring out the ideas that are in their minds to be poured into art. The materials used are also very easy to find and harmless to children, such as kraft bags, stickers that can be attached to decorate paper bags, ropes, scissors, and glue.

It is hoped that with the activities carried out, it will grow many benefits, especially in the value of caring for the environment.