September 24, 2022

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Paparazi Zhang Xiaohan is back in action, Jiang Shuying’s name is dragged along

On August 17, 2022, ifeng reported that paparazzi Zhang Xiaohan again caused a stir among netizens. After previously spreading the news of Yang Zi and Liu Xueyi’s love affair, he has now uploaded a comic containing the story of the affair of a popular intellectual actress and a rich man who is already married on August 16, 2022.

In the comic, the actress is known through urban dramas. He is a first class star. Many people praised her for her elegant appearance. The actress is pictured wearing a white top, black pants, blazerlong hair down, and a sling bag.

The story in the comic begins with a rich man who takes his wife to Hainan for a vacation. They stay in a hotel which they always stay for 2 weeks every year. The man seemed to really love his wife. He often takes his wife to buy the latest edition of clothes and shoes.

After the rich man ended his vacation with his wife, he returned ten days later to the same hotel with the aforementioned actress. The actress did the things a wife would normally do, one of which was cooking for her.

The two planned to spend a week in Hainan. But on the third day, the rich man’s wife called and said that there was a problem at home. She asked her husband to come home immediately. To persuade the actress not to be angry, the rich man gave her some jewelry worth 10 million yuan.

It was also stated that hotel staff knew about the two men’s illicit relationship and often made it the subject of gossip.

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After this comic was published, netizens immediately guessed about who the rich man and actress in question was. Some of the actresses whose names were dragged along were Jiang Shuying, Tong Yao, Yang Caiyu, to Song Jia. However, the only one on the hot search list was Jiang Shuying.

There are six reasons that make her the most suspect among the several actresses mentioned above. First, Jiang Shuying once shared photos of a trip to Hainan in June 2022. Some netizens found that the hotel he stayed in was in Sanya, Hainan. In addition, the image of the actress in the comics is said to be similar to Jiang Shuying.

The second reason was that in the photo that Jiang Shuying had uploaded, there was a window similar to a comic. Next, there are pictures of flowers in the comics. The flower was the same as the flower Jiang Shuying tucked into her ear in the vacation photos she uploaded.

Netizens also discovered that the location displayed in Jiang Shuying’s post was Beijing. In fact, at that time he went to Hainan. Some people suspected that Jiang Shuying had deliberately faked her location.

The fifth reason, it was found that the reflection of the man in Jiang Shuying’s glasses was similar to that of Yu Dong, a wealthy businessman who is the husband of actress Jin Qiaoqiao.

Lastly, Jiang Shuying once uploaded a photo of herself wearing a jewelry set in July 2022. Some fans say that Jiang Shuying’s necklace costs just over a thousand yuan. However, some said that the bracelets and watches that Jiang Shuying was wearing were from well-known brands and that they were expensive.

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At the beginning of the comic, there is a picture of a rich man and his wife going to Hainan. The wife of the rich man in the comics has short red hair. Actress Jin Qiaoqiao is known to have had this hairstyle. He also went to Hainan some time ago. Hence, the rich man in the comics is supposed to be her husband, Yu Dong.

Until now, neither Jiang Shuying’s side nor the studio had provided any explanation. The comments section of Jiang Shuying’s recent posts was filled with questions as to whether she was the “intellectual actress”.

Fans are also worried because this rumor could damage the idol’s reputation. They urged Jiang Shuying’s studio to release a clarification immediately. Some of them blame the studio for not working quickly to protect the artist.

On the other hand, Jin Qiaoqiao immediately denied the rumors that her husband was the main character in Zhang Xiaohan’s comic on August 16, 2022. She also interacted with fans in the comments column. He mentioned that there is a lot of fake news on the internet.

When a netizen accused him of denying rumors just to save his children’s property, Jin Qiaoqiao countered by saying that the netizen was thinking too much.

Jin Qiaoqiao also reminded people not to spread rumors carelessly so as not to be sued.