October 1, 2022


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Panic Attack Relapse? These 5 Ways Can Help You Calm Down!

Panic attack is a psychological term that indicates the sudden emergence of feelings of anxiety or excessive fear. Panic attack can occur with or without triggers and occur anywhere and anytime.

People with history panic attacks and relapse at the wrong time of course cause discomfort and increase anxiety.

Reporting from the upload on the TikTok account sabrinamaidaaah, the psychologist shares tips for calming down panic attack the following sudden relapse.

1. Feeling Validation

Realize that the feeling you experience when panic attacks is a valid thing and not an exaggeration.

There are still many people who say panic attacks are an exaggeration and even think that survivors are looking for attention or are just tired. In this case, validation of the feelings of those around him is needed to build the survivor’s calm and help relieve panic.

2. Looking for a Safe Place

Managing restless emotions and excessive fear requires a place that can help build calm. Get out of the crowd and look for a quiet and safe place such as a bathroom and an empty space can be an option.

3. Breathing Excercise

Breath training to handle panic attacks is one way to relieve panic and become a good relaxation activity done regularly.

Start by taking a deep breath for 7 seconds, hold your breath for 10 seconds and exhale slowly for 4 seconds. Do it many times until the feeling improves and the panic begins to subside.

4. Give Positive Affirmations For Yourself

Positive affirmations are also very helpful to relieve panic attacks.

Examples of positive affirmation sentences are: “it’s okay, you will be fine”, “all will soon pass”, “you are fine, there is nothing to worry about”

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Repeat many times until you feel better.

5. Contacting Professionals

If panic attack still persists, do not hesitate to contact professionals such as psychiatrists and psychologists. Psychotherapy that is run regularly will help recovery panic attacks periodically. Keeping your emotions under control and regularly taking medication prescribed by a psychiatrist (if any) will help you get better slowly.

So, you’re not confused anymore, how do you deal with sudden panic attacks? Keep a positive mind and healthy spirit!