July 2, 2022


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Overcome Sadness during the Rainy Season with These 4 Ways

Have you ever experienced mood swings to be sad when the rainy season comes? It turns out that there is an explanation for that, that feeling is often referred to as seasonal depression or the winter blues.

Usually depression like this is often found in countries that have four seasons. However, this can happen in tropical countries like Indonesia, when the rainy season lasts so long.

Usually the symptoms that are often experienced by people affected by seasonal depression are feeling empty or sad or often called bad mood, difficulty concentrating, feeling useless or helpless, fatigue or loss of energy every day, and so on.

Summarizing from KlikDoctor and Alodokter, here are some ways to deal with seasonal sadness:

1. Turn on the room lights

When it starts to rain, you can turn on the lights in your room. A study revealed that light is believed to help to increase serotonin levels which can improve mood.

2. Step outside the house

Even if it’s cold or rainy, it’s a good idea to stay out and walk for at least 10 minutes a day. The presence of light from the sun that enters the brain through the eyes can help to affect the hormones dopamine and serotonin. Both hormones function in improving mood.

3. Enjoy the rain outside

If the rain that falls is not accompanied by strong winds or lightning, you can leave the house just standing in front of the terrace and enjoying the surrounding environment. This can help to reduce feelings of sadness and also improve mood for the better.

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4. Interact

Like other mood disorders, an encouragement and support from others can help you to get excited again. Find someone you can trust to share how you feel.

You can try to arrange a schedule with your friends, for example, go to the cinema or just hang out at a coffee shop.

Well, those were some ways to overcome the sadness that often comes when it rains, hopefully it will be useful.