December 6, 2022

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Our 30 Minute Sessions Movie: When a Cassette Player Can Change Souls

A person who has died cannot return. However, what happens if a cassette player is able to exchange the soul of someone who has died for the soul of someone who is still alive? This is what happens in the movie”Our 30 Minute Sessions“.

Film Our 30 Minute Sessions tells the story of a young man named Sota Kubota (Takumi Kitamura) who is busy looking for work. In every interview, he always says that he is not good at socializing and is reluctant to make friends with other people, because he feels that way he can concentrate more on his work. This resulted in him repeatedly failing the selection test.

One day, Sota found a cassette player and he picked it up. He found a cassette with the words “Echoll” in the player. Sota turned on the cassette player and something strange started to happen.

Sota felt as if his body was running somewhere, but in fact he also felt like he was still where he was. When he woke up, he was hugging a girl he didn’t know. Of course, the girl got angry and pushed him away.

After that, suddenly someone followed Sota, but he was the only one who saw the person and it seemed to everyone else, that person was nothing more than an invisible being. Curious, Sota replayed the tape and when he looked through the glass of a shop, Sota’s image was not reflected. Instead, he saw his own reflection reflected as the shadow of the person following him.

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Armed with the words “Echoll” on the tape, Sota searches the internet and discovers that the person following him is Aki Miyata (played by Mackenyu Arata), the vocalist of a band called Echoll and he died one year ago. That is, when Sota plays the tape he finds, his soul swaps with Aki, while his own soul separates from his body in Aki’s stead. However, when the tape finished playing, Sota’s soul returned to his own body. The same thing happened when Sota’s body hugged a girl who turned out to be Aki’s lover.

Aki also makes a deal with Sota. He is willing to help Sota to pass the job interview test as long as Sota is willing to lend his body. He wants to reunite with his lover and friends using Sota’s body. Will Sota agree to the deal? Watch the sequel in the movie Our 30 Minute Sessions. Don’t miss this heartwarming film, OK!