August 8, 2022

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Ojol Driver Collects Customer Tip Money for Self Rewards Makes You Touch

Saving little by little will eventually become a hill. That’s the saying that can be applied by people who want to save.

Recently, a video went viral on TikTok social media, where an ojol driver collects a tip from a customer for self-reward. The viral video was uploaded directly by the ojol driver to Baskorooo’s TikTok account.

“Thank you customer grab the tip, it means a lot to me as a driver,” he wrote in the video caption as quoted by, Thursday (04/08/2022).

Initial video footage shows the ojol driver unloading a piggy bank he filled with tips from his customers. The tips given by the customers include sheets of one thousand, two thousand, five thousand and ten thousand.

Who would have thought that little by little the tips given by the customers became a lot when they were collected. He used the tip for self-reward.

“I want to use this money to buy gifts and birthday cakes for the people I love the most in this world,” he said.

All the tips in the piggy bank are arranged according to their nominal value. After he was done, he then went to the shop to buy items using this tip money.

First, he went to a shoe store to buy sneakers. Because his sneakers were damaged so they had to be replaced.

Second, he went to the cake shop. She bought a beautiful cake for herself for her birthday.

The cake he bought said, ‘Happy Birthday to Me’. This ojol driver pulled over to the shady pavement.

Self Reward

Tips from customers for self-reward. (TikTok/baskorooo)

He was there celebrating birthdays alone, from singing happy birthday songs to blowing out candles. He then replaced the damaged shoes with the new sneakers he bought earlier.

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He was very happy to be able to buy new sneakers that made him even more excited to ride motorcycles. He advised everyone not to forget to love him. He also shared his birthday cake with the less fortunate people he met.

Until now, the viral video of an ojol driver buying goods as a self-reward using a tip from a customer has been viewed 3.4 million times. The video reaped a positive response from netizens who watched it.

“Crying, keep up the spirit, bro, keep going smoothly,” a netizen commented.

“Happy birthday sis! Stay healthy, always successful,” said another.

“Always success sis, keep the spirit” added another.

“Throughout the video I asked who was the most loved in this world. And it turned out to be true. We must love ourselves first before we can give love to,” other netizens’ comments.