October 1, 2022


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Often Unknowingly, These 4 Reasons Why You Are Still Single

Often wonder, why are you still single, while other friends already have a partner? In fact, if you think about it, in terms of your appearance, it’s not that bad, really. But, why does it feel like a mate is really hard to come by, doesn’t it?

Well, dating and making people interested is not just a matter of appearance, you know. It could be, there are some things that you often don’t realize but it turns out that the cause of your status is still single. What does that mean? Let’s see more reviews!

1. You are not ready for a relationship

If asked if you want to have a partner, you really want to. However, what you need to realize is that having a partner is not just a walk together, a romantic dinner, and various beauties like drama, you know.

Mental readiness is needed in order to create a long-lasting love relationship. Without mental readiness, relationships that occur will often be problematic. That’s why, even if there is a heart that stops in your heart, but only for a moment. Finally, the status is still single.

2. Lack of confidence

Feelings of inferiority can also be the reason your soul mate has not arrived yet. Actually you believe that everyone already has a partner. Even so, your attitude is too passive.

Lack of confidence makes you look cold in the eyes of others. In fact, not a few have shown interest, but you don’t respond because you think it’s impossible for the person to like you. Next time, try to be more confident and don’t think badly of yourself, okay?

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3. Don’t want to take risks

The next reason you’re still alone without a partner is that you don’t want to take risks. Just want to play in the safe zone. When you are attracted to someone, don’t move fast enough. He always wants him to come close. There’s nothing wrong with the initiative to approach first, you know.

4. Still not making it a priority

Although feelings of confusion often come, especially when going to a friend’s invitation and seeing him and his other friends are already a couple. But, in your little heart, you don’t actually think of love as a priority.

Because it has not been prioritized, this is why your partner hasn’t arrived yet. Not because no one is interested, but because the crush’s signal is ‘dim’ because your focus is not on romance.

If you really can’t wait to get a partner, make sure to prepare mentally first, okay? So, if later the mate comes, the relationship can last forever.