May 30, 2023

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Often Opens for TWICE’s songs, this is the reason the producer chose Nayeon!

The producer of TWICE’s hits, Black Eyed Pilsung shared the reasons for fans’ questions about TWICE’s Nayeon, who often opens TWICE’s group songs.

Koreaboo launching on Monday (9/19/2022), the producer of the TWICE songs also revealed the reason why he often chose Nayeon as the opening song for TWICE.

Nayeon has a fresh and cheerful image and a great voice bubble among the other TWICE members. As a basic rule, usually the member who has the position of play vocals nor lead vocals will tend to get the first line of a song to grab the attention of listeners.

This of course puts Jihyo as the main vocalist of TWICE to open the song. However, Black Eyed Pilsung revealed that he thinks Jihyo has a very good voice with a deep voice type and huskyand would be perfect for singing the chorus of a song.

However, for the songs of an idol girl group, Nayeon would be more appropriate to open because her voice character has a concept that best fits the overall concept of the group and TWICE’s main image.

According to Black Eyed Pilsung, the most important thing for a song from a K-Pop idol group is the opening, chorus, and ending. In this case, TWICE’s Nayeon started almost all of TWICE’s songs, while in the chorus she will share with Jihyo.

For part ending the song itself will be adjusted to the member who has a match with the concept of the song.

Nayeon’s cheerful and fun image has successfully delivered her as the center and center of attention in every TWICE song. Nayeon is also often viral and becomes a hot topic among the public.

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No doubt, Nayeon is the blue print of a female K-Pop idol. Starting from the appearance, vocals, and image that can not be imitated, he has all of those things.

It can be said that this is also the reason why JYP Entertainment chose Nayeon as the first member of TWICE to release her solo debut album, initiating individual and sub-unit activities that TWICE will carry out starting this year.