May 30, 2023

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Often Ignored, Here Are 4 Bad Effects of Eating While Standing for Health

Some people often ignore proper eating procedures, namely by doing it while standing. They think that habits like this will increase time efficiency, especially while working.

Even though it looks trivial and is often ignored, the habit of eating while standing will have a bad impact on health and has been proven by several studies. So, what’s the explanation? Check out the following discussion.

1. Reducing the Absorption of Nutrients

According to Henryford. com, the work of the human digestive system is influenced by various factors, one of which is the position of the body when consuming food. Now if you eat while standing, the stomach will empty the contents of the stomach quickly. As a result, various nutrients from food that should be properly absorbed by the small intestine are not fully absorbed.

2. Digestive Disorders

In addition to nutrients that are not fully absorbed by the intestines, eating while standing also has the potential to cause digestive disorders, especially flatulence. This is because eating in a standing position will make you swallow more air than when you eat while sitting. Excessive concentration of air in the stomach will make the stomach bloated and cause pain and fullness, as reported Mayo Clinic.

3. Increases Hunger

Eating while standing will speed up the digestive process, so the hormone leptin doesn’t have time to send satiety signals to the brain and make your hunger pangs persist.

In the end you will consume these foods in excess and the potential for a calorie surplus becomes inevitable, as quoted Livestrong.

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4. Disturbing Kidney Function

The habit of eating while standing is also considered to interfere with kidney function. This is because the digestive process that is disrupted due to eating while standing will make the kidneys work extra to process water to help digest the food consumed.

If this continues to happen, kidney function will be disrupted and increase the risk of damage to the kidneys, as quoted Healthline.

That was the discussion about the four bad effects of eating while standing. It’s a good idea to always pay attention to how to eat properly so that the intake of nutrients from these foods can be fully absorbed, and avoid digestive disorders. Hope it is useful!

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