September 28, 2022

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Often Helped When Economic Troubles, This Man Visits the Owner of His First Boarding House

Life abroad is full of struggles. Especially for students who have to study while working to make ends meet.

Economic difficulties are sometimes felt but have to solve the problem themselves. Recently, social media accounts were enlivened with videos of a man visiting his former boarding house owner during college.

In a video re-uploaded by the Instagram social media account, the man expressed the kindness of his boarding house owner. He brought gifts when he visited the owner of the boarding house.

The old boarding man welcomed this man’s arrival. The boarding man was very friendly and invited him in.

The man also kissed the hands of the father and mother of the boarding house who happened to be sitting on a chair in the living room. The man said that during college he often experienced economic difficulties.

The father and mother of the boarding house are kind enough to provide a discounted price for the rental. They found out that he was working while selling so he could stay in college.

“Don’t tell your friends that your boarding house is cheap, sorry, you seem tired all the time,” he remembered what the landlady had said to him.

It doesn’t just give you a discount on rent. The boarding house’s father and mother were also generous in lending him money to buy a laptop.

At that time, he really needed a laptop to do his final project. The moment of the meeting was really touching.

The landlord is kind. (Instagram/

Now the physical condition of the boarding house mother is sick. The man hoped that if the boarding house mother’s illness could be removed and she would be given a cure thanks to her kindness.

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The video of this man visiting his kind-hearted boarding house owner caught the attention of netizens who were watching. Warganet praised the kindness of the boarding house’s mother and father.

“Respect. Proud of you father and mother,” netizens praise.

“The best prayers for the boarding house parents,” added another.

“It’s great, I like the relationship of people like this. A healthy, simple relationship, which really strengthens brotherhood and with sincerity,” said another.

“Blessings and long life to him,” another response.

“The slightest kindness will always have a good impact on yourself,” another netizen said.