May 30, 2023

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Officially Solo Debut, TWICE’s Nayeon Claims to be Freer to Show Potential

One of the members of the girl group TWICE, Nayeon, today attended a press conference to celebrate her solo debut through her first mini album ‘IM NAYEON’ which will be released on June 24, 2022.

Quote from AllkpopNayeon shared her feelings about her solo debut through the first mini album ‘IM NAYEON’.

During the press conference she attended, Nayeon revealed, “TWICE members have continued to support me from the first day I worked on this album until now.”

“They gave me detailed feedback, like they liked this part of the song, and they liked the choreography too,” he added.

In addition, Nayeon also shared that making a solo debut provided an opportunity for her to further develop and grow into an artist.

“When I was promoting with the group, I felt my potential was limited. And when I worked on this solo album, I felt I was given the opportunity to show more of my abilities,” explained Nayeon.

“I think instead of focusing on certain aspects of being a solo artist, I hope people will see my solo debut as ‘TWICE can also do this kind of concept’, and I’m also looking forward to solo projects from the other members,” he added.

Nayeon also shared how the recording process for this solo album was.

“Because we have many members, I don’t have the opportunity to sing many parts of our songs, or dance the choreography to our songs alone. I feel a little afraid to sing the whole song or dance the choreography alone,” said Nayeon.

“I had a hard time when I started the recording process. But, I also learned through the process. I learned how I had to sing it in a different style to make the song more pleasing to the eye, and I felt so happy when I was in the recording studio. It made me realize how much I love to sing,” he added.

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Meanwhile, the first mini album ‘IM NAYEON’ will be released on June 24, 2022 with the title track ‘POP’ at 13:00 KST.

In addition, Nayeon will also be performing the debut stage of ‘POP’ on today’s weekly music show ‘Music Bank’ and ‘MTV Fresh Out Live’ at 5:00 pm ET.