September 26, 2022

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ODGJ Action Gives Alms Beggars Steal Attention, Warganet: He’s Not Poor

Giving alms to beggars is common. However, things are different if the people who give alms to beggars are people with mental disorders (ODGJ).

Because, usually it is ODGJ who are given alms by mentally healthy people. The moment of an ODGJ giving alms to beggars was immortalized in a video re-uploaded to an Instagram account again.

“An ODGJ was caught on camera giving alms to a beggar,” written in the video as quoted by, Thursday (22/09/2022).

This short video footage shows an ODGJ man coming out of a minimarket. The ODGJ man had a shabby appearance as he lived on the street.

Interestingly, after leaving the minimarket, the ODGJ man did not immediately leave. He approached a beggar who was sitting in front of the entrance of the mini market.

This ODGJ man gave alms to the beggar. The beggar who was given alms by the ODGJ man looked shocked.

Meanwhile, the ODGJ man who gave him alms immediately left with a happy smile on his face. As if this smile describes him who is happy to be able to give alms to others.

ODGJ Smiles Happy After Alms

This ODGJ smiles after giving alms to beggars. (Instagram/again.viral)

The video of the ODGJ man giving alms to beggars stole the attention of netizens who watched to provide comments. Many netizens wrote positive comments for the ODGJ man’s actions. On the other hand, netizens insinuated that healthy and sane beggars actually work as beggars.

“He’s just insane. Not lazy,” said the netizen.

“That ODGJ still has feelings and empathy,” said another.

“He’s not poor at heart, he has feelings,” other opinion.

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“Is it mental or not?” other netizens’ comments.

This moment of positive action for ODGJ that has gone viral is not the only time this has happened. Some time ago there was a viral ODGJ praying on the sidewalk.

Quoting from, the action of an ODGJ praying on a bare pavement with smooth movements has received positive responses. The netizen who uploaded the video of the ODGJ action said in the caption of his post, “He may forget himself, but not his God,”.