October 1, 2022


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Note! These 5 Foods Are Good for Your Brain Health!

The brain is one of the most important organs in humans. Because the brain is the controller of what we will and want to do. Therefore, it is important for us to continue to maintain brain health.

So, what foods are good for brain health? Let’s continue and watch until it’s finished!

Do you think that eating is just for energy for the body? However, you should also know that eating also affects other body functions, including the brain.

The nutrients contained in food are what affect the function and health of your brain. For example, omega-3s can help optimize brain function and development or proteins that are important for the manufacture of neurotransmitters.

The following are a number of foods that are good for maintaining brain health. Summarized from the page hellohealth.com.

1. Fatty fish

For example, such as salmon, tuna, or sardines, these three fish contain omega-3 and also DHA, these nutrients are good for brain health.

You need to know, that regularly consuming omega-3 intake can help reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and can improve memory.

2. Berries

There are many types of berries such as blueberries, strawberries, blackberries. Berries are known to be good for brain health, you know!

Berries are known to contain anthocyanins and flavonoids, thus providing an antioxidant effect that makes them called a good food for brain health.

Antioxidants can also stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain so that it can improve concentration and memory.

3. Dark chocolate

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Dark chocolate is known to be rich in nutrients that are good for brain health, such as flavonoids, caffeine, and antioxidants.

Flavonoids in chocolate can also improve blood flow to the brain and reduce inflammation. So it is useful to improve thinking and remembering skills.

4. Avocado

Who doesn’t know this fruit? Yes, this fruit is often served in the form of juice, how about you?

Apparently, this fruit is also good for your brain health. Do you know? Avocado contains omega-3 which has been proven to be good for the brain.

5. Green vegetables

There are many types of green vegetables that you can find. Such as spinach, kale, broccoli, and many more. These vegetables are known to be high in vitamins E and K, beta carotene, and folate.

Vitamin E itself is good for the brain because it is an antioxidant. While vitamin K has also been shown to sharpen memory.

Beta carotene is also no less, because it can slow the decline in brain function.

Well, how’s it going! Have you taken care of your brain health? Do not let our age is still easy but brain function is old.

Don’t come. for that, keep your health ok! May be useful.