December 1, 2022

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Not To Be Imitated! These mothers let their children steal traders’ eggs, CCTV caught

It is not permissible to take other people’s belongings. Indiscriminately done by people at any age.

Anyone who dares to steal must be wrong. Recently viral on social media was recorded on CCTV, mothers let their children steal eggs belonging to traders.

The CCTV footage was re-shared by the bright_media Instagram account.

“A mother is buying eggs with her child. When the seller is careless, the child acts,” the video uploaded caption as quoted by, Friday (30/09/2022).

The incident of the egg theft by a small child occurred at around 08.33 on Monday, (09/26/2022) at a traditional market. Recorded on CCTV a mother comes along with her daughter.

This mother buys eggs at the stall of a food seller.

“How many eggs A’ kilo?” asked the mother.

“Two two (Rp22 thousand)” replied the merchant.

The mother immediately chose the eggs she wanted to buy. The merchant gives a basket to put the eggs of his choice.

When his mother was picking eggs and the merchant was off guard. The girl commits an egg theft.

He was seen quickly taking then putting the eggs into the container he was holding in his hand. Not only that, it was clearly seen in the CCTV footage that he observed the surrounding situation before putting the eggs into the container.

This Child Steals Merchant Eggs

The action of a child stealing eggs when accompanying his mother to buy. (Instagram/ light_media)

When the eggs bought by his mother were weighed by the merchant. This girl is still determined to steal eggs that are displayed by traders.

The mother also had time to glance at her son who was in action to steal eggs. He just stood there doing nothing to see his son stealing.

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The actions of this mother and child should not be imitated. It is suspected that their netizens have often committed theft together.

“His hands are really fast, he has often been invited to steal it,” commented a netizen.

“How do you want to educate your child, just won’t do that. His mother was the first to be aware,” added another.

“Oh God, it really has the heart to tell the child to steal, then give him food from the results of stealing, astagfirullah, ma’am,” said another.

“This is indeed the mother who ordered it,” said another netizen.