May 30, 2023

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Not only water, these are 3 drinks that are good for breaking the fast

Maintaining the need for fluids in the body is important, especially during fasting. According to halodoc.comthe need for body fluids every day is eight glasses or the equivalent of two liters.

This is because the most abundant content in the body is water, so a lack of fluids will interfere with concentration and cause health problems.

One way to meet the body’s fluid needs during fasting is by drinking water at dawn and breaking the fast. That way the body will stay healthy and avoid dehydration.

Although in general the body fluid needs of each person are different, drinking enough water will support health during fasting.

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Experts advise to always drink water when breaking the fast. This is because drinking water is healthier than drinks that have been mixed with sweeteners and flavours. But not only water you know which is recommended to be used as an iftar drink.

Quoted from the page kemkes.go.idthere are several types of drinks that are safe to be used as a substitute for water which of course are also healthy.

1. Infused Water

Infused water is drinking water mixed with fresh fruits, vegetables or it could be spices. In addition to being useful to restore body fluids, infused water can also be adjusted to the material you like.

How to make it is also quite easy, mix water with fruit then let stand a few hours and infused water ready to be enjoyed.

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2. Yogurt

Yogurt can also be used as a safe breaking drink, you know. In addition, yogurt usually comes with a variety of refreshing flavors. Yogurt also contains good bacteria that function to help smooth the digestive system.

But keep in mind, yogurt also contains acids which can trigger stomach acid if consumed in excessive amounts. For people with stomach acid, drinking yogurt when breaking the fast is not recommended.

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3. Milk

One of the good drinks consumed when breaking the fast is milk. Milk contains high protein, fat and calcium so it is very good for the body.

Protein in milk will make the body healthier and energized. In addition, milk can meet the needs of calcium, phosphorus and body fat which are good for health.

So, those are 3 drinks other than water that are safe to be used as drinks for breaking the fast. In addition to fulfilling body fluids, these drinks have many benefits to support health.

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