March 21, 2023

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Not only refreshing, these 5 fruits can prevent dehydration during fasting!

When fasting is a moment when you have to hold back your passions. Including not eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset. This condition can usually cause dehydration because the body lacks fluids.

Then, to restore lost body fluids, as an alternative you can eat some of the fruits below because they are rich in abundant water content. Based on the alert from as well as The following types of fruit can prevent dehydration when fasting.

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1. Watermelon

Watermelon fruit is one fruit that is suitable for consumption at dawn. The water content contained in this fruit is 92 percent. So do not be surprised if this fruit is widely consumed to replace lost body fluids during fasting.

If you consume red watermelon, you will get lycopene intake which functions as an antioxidant to counteract free radicals.

2. Cantaloupe

This one fruit is often found during Ramadan. Usually used as a refreshing drink when breaking the fast. It turns out that this fruit is indeed suitable as a substitute for body fluids that are lost during fasting, you know.

Not only as a substitute for lost body fluids, cantaloupe contains vitamin A which is good for eye health. Because it is rich in vitamin A, cantaloupe is also a fruit that is useful as an anti-inflammatory which is suitable for increasing endurance.

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3. Young Coconut

It’s no secret that young coconut has many benefits, including as a fruit that plays a role in replacing lost body fluids. Therefore, this fruit is perfect for consumption as a fresh drink when breaking the fast.

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Coconut water contains minerals such as iron, magnesium and calcium. Among these minerals are electrolytes which are useful for replacing fluids in the body when fasting.

4. Melons

This fruit, which is related to cantaloupe, can be used as a fruit to treat dehydration because most of the nutrients in melon are water.

Besides that, melons have natural sugars which are perfect for warding off feeling weak during a day of fasting. To be able to feel the maximum benefits, you can choose melons that are orange in color because they contain a lot of water, around 90 percent.

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5. Oranges

Famous for its high vitamin C content, making citrus fruits also a fruit can support the immune system in the body. Citrus fruit is also one of the fruits that overcome dehydration because of its high water content.

In addition, when consumed, the body will not be susceptible to disease. So that it can make your fasting worship more energetic.

Those were some fruits that can prevent dehydration during fasting because of their abundant water content. Hope it is useful.

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