September 28, 2022

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Not only parties, these 3 things must also be prepared after marriage

For some Indonesians, weddings are a common thing to do. In fact, not infrequently people seem to want to have the best wedding party.

However, did you know that the party is not the only thing that must be prepared after marriage. Then, what are the things that must be prepared? Check out the following description, yes!

1. Residence and Domicile

Place of residence and domicile are mandatory things that must be prepared after marriage. Do you want to live at your in-laws’ house or do you live alone? Of course many considerations before deciding this.

This of course will also affect your career, work, and household life. Because, it is not uncommon for the spouse’s domicile to be different from the current work location, so it is important to rearrange career and financial strategies.

Then, for couples who decide to live alone, they certainly have a different household life from those who live with their in-laws.

This will affect you in adapting that you are not only married to your partner, but also his family.

2. Heredity and Children’s Education

Having children is one thing that most married couples will have. So, talking about offspring must be done with a partner.

About the education of the child, ranging from formal and non-formal. Then, religious and moral education is equally important to be implemented as early as possible. So that when they leave the house and start mingling with their environment, children are accustomed to the positive things instilled by their parents.

3. Shared Goals

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Every married couple must have short-term and long-term targets. This is so that life is not monotonous and changes for the better.

Without a target, you and your partner will waste a lot of time without getting significant positive changes. So when you enter adulthood, think about the targets that you might set with your life partner in the future.

Those are 3 things besides the wedding party that you should think about and prepare as early as possible with your partner. Are you ready to pass through the gates of the adult world?