October 1, 2022


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Not Only Fragrant, Here Are 4 Benefits Of Good Night Flowers That Are Rarely Known

Who is not familiar with tuberose flowers? It seems almost all Indonesian people are familiar with this one flower. Tuberose flowers have a very fragrant aroma, so tuberose flowers are in demand by many people because of the fragrant aroma possessed by these flowers.

Tuberose flowers are believed to contain various types of antioxidants such as polyphenols, vitamin C, carotenoids, anthocyanins, and flavonoids, and there is a small amount of sugar in tuberose flowers.

Summarize from HealthyQ, Benefit.co.id, and AlodokterHere are some of the benefits contained in tuberose flowers:

1. Help various body tissue functions

Tuberose flowers have the benefit of helping the body in carrying out its functions better. This is because tuberose flowers contain vitamin C, precisely in white flowers.

Vitamin C is believed to help the body absorb iron, maximize the performance of the immune system and also help in the formation of collagen.

2. Mixed fragrances or perfumes

Tuberose flower is a type of flower that has a very extraordinary fragrance, not inferior to the fragrance of jasmine flowers. Therefore, this tuberose flower is often used as a base for fragrances or perfumes. Generally, tuberose flowers will be mixed with other ingredients that can help to increase the fragrance, and are often used as a room freshener.

3. Decoration

Tuberose flowers are plants that are easy to grow and also durable. You can plant this flower in a pot and then place it in the yard or you can put it in a vase and then put it in the house. Tuberose flowers that have been cut and then placed in a vase can last up to 7-10 days.

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The tuberose flower will bloom and then will spread a fragrant aroma that is so fragrant at night, so it is perfect for helping you become more relaxed after a busy day outside the home.

4. Improve blood circulation

The benefit of the next tuberose flower is that it can help to increase blood circulation. Tuberose flowers contain polyphenolic compounds which are believed to help stabilize blood pressure in the body, and maintain health in blood vessels.

Well, those were some of the benefits contained in tuberose flowers. Are you interested in making tuberose flowers as a decoration as well as air freshener in your home?