December 1, 2022

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Not only delicious, these are 3 benefits of basil leaves for health

For you fans of fresh vegetables, you must be familiar with this one leaf. Basil leaves seem to be a mandatory complement every time we eat fresh vegetables or make a mixture of dishes. Its fresh and fragrant taste makes it perfect with chili sauce, cucumber, and fried chicken or fried catfish.

Not only that, basil leaves which have a slightly bitter taste can also be made into tea because it is believed to cure various diseases.

Quoted from the page, basil leaves have protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, iron, and even contain antioxidants letin and zeaxanthinfiber, phosphorus, folate, zinc, and vitamins A and B, which are needed by the human body, you know.

Here are 3 benefits of basil leaves for health.

1. Help cure acne

For those of us who have high hormones and are prone to breakouts, you should start consuming this basil leaf. According to the page, this basil leaf has anti-bacterial properties that will help you deal with acne.

Not only that, basil leaves can also accelerate wound healing and inhibit the growth of bacteria, you know. In fact, basil leaves are also believed to accelerate wound healing after surgery.

2. Help treat stomach ulcers

It seems that heartburn is no longer a foreign thing for all of us. The causes also vary, ranging from late eating, stress, to consuming high amounts of caffeine, and an unhealthy lifestyle. This disease can be suffered by teenagers and the elderly.

Well, did you know? Basil leaves can help reduce acid levels in the stomach, you know.

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3. Can prevent cancer

Who would have thought, the leaves that we always eat as fresh vegetables have benefits for preventing cancer. page mentions, basil leaves can fight cancer cells in the body. This leaf can also lower high blood pressure, control blood sugar, and recovery from stroke.

Wow! It turns out that the benefits of this basil leaf are many, yes. However, even though it has many benefits, you should avoid consuming basil leaves if you are planning a pregnancy or have a bleeding disorder.