October 1, 2022


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Not only comedy talent, Jeon So Mi proves good at acting through her new drama

Actress Jeon So Min is receiving recognition for her drama and film acting.

Launching from KBIZoom on Thursday (9/6/2022), actress Jeon So Min filled the first half of 2022 with a variety of acting activities. Jeon So Min, who created a solid sensation through Channel A’s “Show Window: The Queen’s House” this year, is targeting theater and the big screen at the same time as JTBC’s Sat-Sun drama “Cleaning Up” directed by Yoon Sung Sik and written by Choi Kyung Mi and the film “2037” directed by Mo Hong Jin.

In “Cleaning Up”, which aired its first episode on June 4, 2022, Jeon So Min showed various efforts by taking on the role of Ahn In Kyun – the janitor at Bestid Investment & Security. Raising viewers’ curiosity by captivating the emotional lines of the character with various facial expressions and gestures, from Ahn In Kyung’s nervous appearance on the network to her excitement at getting a lot of profit from the stock information she hears.

Besides, Jeon So Min gave off a fresh charm when perfectly portraying Jang Mi, who was imprisoned right before the abolition of adultery, in the movie “2037”, which was released on June 8. Jeon So Min creates fun chemistry with her prison mates in Cell Room 12 which has a different story, inviting laughter at the right scene.

In particular, viewers can understand Jang Mi’s personality, who always takes care of her appearance, through Jeon So Min’s hair and lips which are colored with red marker. Jeon So Min’s detailed acting and unique visual caught the audience’s attention.

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Thus, Jeon So Min proved herself to be a character transformation expert regardless of genre and character. He received favorable responses as he strengthened and brightened his presence with passionate performances in each play or film, allowing audiences to set him apart from his previous works.

As a result, many people have raised higher expectations for Jeon So Min, who has shown her limitless ability to digest any role, to build solid acting.