August 8, 2022

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Not Not Sold, Here Are 5 Causes Men Feel At Home Single!

Many people think that when someone chooses to be single, it’s because they don’t sell or no one has a crush on them. In fact, it’s not always about that, you know. Here are things that make men feel at home single!

1. Principle

The first is principle. Although rare, but surely there is a man who has the principle not to date. Even if later he is ready, then he will look for a serious partner to commit.

This one reason is often ridiculed by others. That’s why some men will not say this one reason to others.

2. Happy with freedom

Actually, not always having a boyfriend makes us constrained. However, there are indeed some things that must be limited in order to maintain feelings. For example, closeness to the opposite sex, communication with the opposite sex, and several other things about living a life that of course is not as free as single people. Even though you might think that this is a constraint, many people think that it is a form of attention. So, depending on how you view it, yes.

3. Have no money

Not a few men are reluctant to date because they feel they have no money. Though women certainly do not always look at money, yes. But men also usually feel prestige when dating a woman but he never spends money even if it’s just to buy snacks.

Even though it hasn’t happened yet, it is often a bitter image for men who are still unemployed or have mediocre money.

4. Don’t feel like

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There are men who feel they don’t want to have a boyfriend. Usually he is an indifferent person and does not really care about his surroundings. In other words, when he sees his friends have girlfriends, he just feels so stupid. When someone has a crush, he just goes through it without feeling.

This feeling of unwillingness is usually motivated because he has other things in his heart. For example, parents are not allowed, traumatized by the past, have many thoughts, and so on.

5. It’s nice to have lots of friends

The latter reason was because he was reluctant to lose his friends. It is common, when someone has a boyfriend, he will focus on his girlfriend. Whether it’s discussing something, eating, traveling, and so on. The presence of friends may still be involved, but the feeling is no longer the same.

Many men choose to keep himself because he is reluctant to lose his friends. Especially if the girl who has a crush on him or who has a crush on him is one of his friends, surely he will think about it a thousand times.

Those are 5 things that make men feel at home single.