September 27, 2022

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Not Just Photos, These are 5 Challenges of Being a Beauty Content Creator

Beauty content creator synonymous with owning tons of beauty products, getting exclusive access to try the latest products, and earning money just by uploading photos. However, there are challenges that many people don’t know about.

Become beauty content creator not just taking pictures of products and writing reviews on social media. Here are five challenges that must be faced by beauty content creator :

At risk of having a breakout

Putri Diyanti girl when applying beauty products to her face (

Can try different brands skin care nor make up may be fun according to some people. Yes, it would be nice if the beauty products just fit on the face.

However, to be beauty content creator required to keep trying different brands of beauty products and reviewing them. “If it doesn’t match a good product skin care nor make upface must be direct breakout. And have to try to overcome it, “said the 19-year-old girl in October.

Must look cheerful in front of the camera

The cheerful face of Putri Diyanti (
The cheerful face of Putri Diyanti (

Besides being risky breakout, creator also have to be professional when the mood is messy. According to Girl, don’t rush to take content because facial expressions will be very visible between cheerful and pretending to be cheerful.

Because not infrequently in submitting reviews creator asked to show the face for example when applying the product. For people to believe that skin care nor make up really tried first by creator.

Fight laziness to stay consistent

Kyra Jole's makeup look creation (
Kyra Jole’s makeup look creation (

Unlike Girls who don’t have a problem with consistency, Kyra Jole schedules when she has to create content.

“If there is no specific schedule for creating content, it can take a long time to get complacent” lazy,” said Kyra, who is currently studying Communication Science at Telkom University. He made a special schedule while remembering what his original goal was when he decided to enter the world beauty content creator.

Depends on the weather

Putri Diyanti's review of beauty products (
Putri Diyanti’s review of beauty products (

Amount beauty content creator that have emerged recently, making them have to have a difference between other creators in order to be able to be remembered by others. Whether it’s through the submission of reviews, properties, tone Selected Instagram, up to lighting for photos and videos.

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Putri Diyanti has a characteristic in creating content, namely using lighting from the sun. He himself admitted that it was difficult to take product photos in the rainy season. “Still have to take pictures especially if deadline has arrived, had to deal with the time editing so that the color matches feeds Instagram,” said the woman who studies daily to get into college.

Have the courage to explore new things

Kyra Jole's review of beauty products (
Kyra Jole’s review of beauty products (

Become beauty content creator also requires one to double up on some skills at the same time as creating the concept of content to be presentedediting, public relations when replying to a cooperation DM from a brand beauty, and so on.

“Always required explore considering the property and knowledge of photography that was owned at that time was quite limited. After being able to go through a period of exploration and understanding new things, I am more enthusiastic about creating content,” concluded Kyra, who started her career in early 2020.