January 30, 2023


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Not always bad, 5 positive sides of women who like to cry

Women are identical with emotional characters. This is often considered bad because it is considered a crybaby or baper because it’s easy to cry.

In fact, women who like to cry are not always bad, you know. There are several positive sides of women who like to cry. Like what? Let’s see the review below!

1. Generally have high empathy

Women who cry easily generally have high empathy. You can better understand other people’s feelings as if you were experiencing them yourself.

This can be an advantage, because with an understanding attitude, you will be more careful in your attitude so as not to hurt other people’s feelings. In fact, this kind of attitude makes other people comfortable.

Even so, you also need to be careful about placing empathy. If the portion is excessive, it makes you vulnerable to being exploited by bad people, you know.

2. Have a soft heart

Women who cry easily are generally impatient and have a soft heart. This is a positive side because your gentleness makes you liked by many people. Because they want to be recognized or not, everyone will be happy if they are treated well.

3. Be honest as it is

With his easy-to-cry attitude, people will know that you are not the caring type images. You don’t care about other people’s reactions. The important thing is to be able to express yourself.

4. Loyal partner

Women who cry easily generally have high loyalty, so it can give you a sense of security about their loyalty. This is because the nature of crying easily makes you sensitive, so as much as possible you don’t hurt others, one of which is being unfaithful.

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5. Never forget the kindness of others

Women who cry easily are also usually not the type of people who forget their skin. You always remember the kindness of others, and that keeps you from being arrogant. You realize that there are many good people who have contributed to making you progress.

Every character has its pluses and minuses. From the description above, it turns out that there are many positive things about the attitude of women who like to cry.

Even so, you still need to control too, yes. Otherwise, people get annoyed because often small problems are overreacted. The point is, everything must be balanced!