May 30, 2023

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Not Always Bad, 4 Benefits of Playing Online Games for Children’s Mental Health

Playing online games is often considered a bad habit by most parents. This assumption is not wrong, especially if children play games too often without knowing the time. Apart from wasting time, playing games too often can also cause health problems and at worst, it can result in children becoming addicted.

Based on the alert from, game play recommended by experts is no more than an hour. Because playing games actually also has benefits for mental health in children, you know. Playing online games can help children grow and develop, mentally stimulate and train children to think critically.

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The following are the benefits of playing games for children’s mental health taken from various sources.

1. Improve Brain Ability

Currently, there are lots of online games designed to train children’s brain performance. Based on journals published in Molecular Psychiatrysome games are designed to encourage the child to solve a problem or puzzle.

This will train children to think critically in order to solve problems in games. Thus, the child’s brain which is still in the process of development will get used to thinking so that its ability will continue to increase.

2. Relieves Stress

According to research conducted University College London and The University of Bath, playing games is one of the effective solutions to relieve stress in children. When playing online games, children will feel entertained and happy. This will certainly make the child feel better than before.

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Medically speaking, playing online games can make the brain release a feeling of happiness called dopamine. Dopamine This is what plays a role in giving a feeling of happiness and joy.

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3. Improves Focus

One of the benefits of playing online games for children’s mental health is that they can improve focus. Based on research conducted by professor Cognitive Neuroscience University Geneva, children will try to coordinate their eyes, hands and minds to complete a game. That way, the child will try to position himself in the best possible position so that he can concentrate and focus more.

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4. Train Children to Interact Socially

There are tons of online games that provide features multiplayer. Multiplayer is a feature where the game can be accessed by everyone. Multiplayer allows children to learn to interact with others even if only through games. Online games really help children to get used to socializing with other players.

So, those are 4 benefits of playing online games for children’s mental health. Even though it has many benefits, playing games excessively can also have a number of negative effects.

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