December 2, 2022

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Not a breakup, this is the reason why Song Ji Hyo cut her hair short!

Song Ji Hyo has just been a guest star on the latest episode of WAFFLE STUDIO ‘Turkish On The Block’ which airs Friday (8/7/22) on the YouTube streaming service. This episode was filled with laughter that could make the audience laugh out loud. Because the MC, Lee Yong Jin, keeps joking about Song Ji Hyo.

At the beginning of the video, Lee Yong Jin admitted that he was surprised that Song Ji Hyo asked to be invited to the ‘Turkids On The Block’ event through a DM. With a joking tone, he revealed that the production team had thought that Song Ji Hyo’s social media account was hacked.

However, Song Ji Hyo confessed that she asked to be invited to this event personally because ‘Turkids On The Block’ is an exciting program and made her want to be involved in it. In addition, this episode also became very special because Song Ji Hyo shared the reason behind her short hairstyle that she had never revealed anywhere.

There Lee Yong Jin questioned, “Recently you surprised (the public) by cutting your hair in a bob style.” This is questionable because usually people will cut their hair after a breakup. He continued, “This hairstyle suits you very well. But why did you cut it?”

Song Ji Hyo was initially hesitant to answer, “Should I answer it?” He quickly decided, “(Okay) I’ll be honest because it’s ‘Turkids On The Block'”

“I was drunk at the time. I drank alcohol and suddenly felt very angry. I (also) wondered why I was doing this. So I took the scissors I often use to cut my toothpaste and make-up, then cut my hair like that. I’m sorry. Please don’t blame my employees,” he said.

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In addition, Lee Yong Jin also questioned, “What are you doing at home?” Song Ji Hyo revealed, “I sleep in the middle of the night, then wake up in the afternoon after.” Hearing this, Lee Yong Jin immediately laughed, “You sleep like a newborn. You sleep 12 hours? Even my son only sleeps 11 hours, but you sleep longer.”

He continued, “I thought you would do something like exercise or do self-improvement activities. (Turns out) you didn’t do anything. You look like you’re unemployed,” he said, drawing laughter from everyone present in the room.

There are still many other exciting talks between Lee Yong Jin and Song Ji Hyo on ‘Turkids On The Block’, you know. Watch WAFFLE STUDIO’s YouTube channel only!