September 26, 2022

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Nostalgic Together! These are 12 Popular K-Pop Songs of 2018

The world of K-Pop music never ends with its hit songs. Many idols to soloists from South Korea whose names are already widely known throughout the world. BTS, BLACKPINK, EXO and many other K-Pop artists provide a breath of fresh air to the world music industry.

2018 is one of the years that is considered successful in producing K-Pop songs that are hits and are legendary to date. Wow, What are some K-Pop hits that were released in 2018? Let’s see together!

1. Shine – PENTAGON

Song lyrics “Neorul Saranghaneun Jjijiri Jjijiri…” accompanied by movement danceits iconichad time boom really in 2018. Not only popular among Korean music fans, but also widely enjoyed by other K-Pop idols, you know!

2. Love Scenario – iKON

If you hear the name of the group iKON, of course it will remind you of one of their songs entitled “Love Scenario”. The song became one of iKON’s songs that was successfully known by many people and became a favorite of all ages. Behind the melody that catchyit turns out this song tells about the turmoil after breaking up!

3. Bad Boy – Red Velvet

Switch to girl group, Red Velvet’s song “Bad Boy” also managed to capture the public’s attention at that time. Carrying the concept girl crush. The group, which consists of Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy and Yeri, has successfully proven that they are suitable for presenting all concepts.

4. La Vie en Rose – IZ*ONE

Who doesn’t know the dropout group survival show Produce 48 this. In 2018, IZ*ONE started their career with the song “La Vie en Rose” which was a hit in the market. This song has the meaning of the color red which reflects the flowery feeling when falling in love. Wowvery suitable for those who are in love!

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5. Time For The Moon Night -GFRIEND

Frequent use of the concept fresh with a cheerful tempo song. G-FRIEND also has a fairly mellow main song, you know!

Telling about longing for someone, this GFRIEND song is sure to succeed in making you upset and miss GFRIEND too.

6. Latata – (G)-Idle

This debut song (G)-Idle is no less popular. Even though it just debuted, it turns out that the song was produced directly by the membersyou know.

7. Way Back Home – Shaun

Ever viral in its time! when you listen to this song, you must be really nostalgic for 2018.


When you hear this song, you will immediately remember the dance moves simple. Are you too?

9. Whats Is Love? – TWICE

One song iconic TWICE’s can’t be missed. The tone that catchy make your heart happy!

10. Love Shots – EXO

This EXO’s song was very popular in its time, even today.


Not only the music is easy to stick in the ear. Their dance here is also easy to imitate.

12. Fake Love – BTS

The BTS song that is hard to forget because it is the first song that they performed on Billboard Music Awards 2018. Wow.

Now, those are the popular KPop songs in 2018. Do you have a favorite?