August 14, 2022

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North Korea Strengthens Military with New Tasks for Frontline Soldiers

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un decided to strengthen his nuclear weapons development at a recent important meeting, where military officials approved new operational tasks for frontline army units.

Quote from Associated PressFriday (24/6/2022), the members of the Central Military Commission of the Labor Party decided to complete an important plan of military action on the front-line troops and strengthen the prevention of the country’s nuclear war further.

The North Korean government has not yet detailed new operational tasks for frontline army units, but analysts say the country may be planning to deploy nuclear weapons targeting South Korea along their border.

Kim Jong Un at a meeting the previous day had called on his entire army to put forth great effort in carrying out plans to strengthen the country’s military muscle.

In addition, Kim Jong Un also asked his entire army to consolidate strong self-defense capabilities to defeat enemy forces, so as to protect the dignity of North Korea.

North Korea News Agency Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported that members of the commission discussed ways to strengthen party leadership over the entire armed forces and ratified plans for unspecified changes in the formation of the military organization.

Some analysts say North Korea’s possible plans to deploy tactical nuclear weapons to front-line artillery units may require a change of command and control as the country’s nuclear weapons have so far been handled by the army’s strategic forces.

While North Korea’s long-range nuclear missiles that can reach the United States are receiving a lot of attention internationally, North Korea is also developing a variety of short-range nuclear missiles that can target South Korea.

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About 28,500 US troops have been stationed in South Korea to prevent military aggression from North Korea.

While the North Korean meeting report did not mention plans for a nuclear test, South Korean Unification Ministry spokesman Cha Duck-chul said South Korea was closely watching the developments.

“As North Korea said that (they) had discussed and ratified important plans to expand and strengthen its war deterrence, the (South Korean) government will prepare for all eventualities while closely monitoring related developments,” Cha Duck-chul said.