December 2, 2022

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No less than K-Pop Idols, Lee Sooman Floods Birthday Greetings on Social Media

Producer and founder of SM Entertainment, Lee Sooman, today celebrated his 70th birthday on June 18, 2022. Not inferior to K-Pop idols in general, Lee Sooman also received many happy birthday wishes from SM Entertainment fans.

Not only SM Entertainment fans, but all artists under the SM Entertainment agency, from Super Junior, SHINee, EXO, NCT, Red Velvet, to AESPA also celebrate Lee Sooman’s birthday.

Quoting from the official Twitter account SMTOWN @SMTOWNGLOBAL, on Saturday (6/18/2022), the official SMTOWN account made a scene for SM Entertainment fans by changing their profile photo, headerto their bio with the theme of Lee Sooman’s birthday.

SMTOWN also uploaded a photo of the SM Entertainment founder’s birthday along with warm birthday wishes.

Realizing that Lee Sooman is celebrating his birthday today, fans flocked to wish him a happy birthday, and wish Lee Sooman to stay healthy.

Fans also thanked him for debuting great K-Pop groups under SM Entertainment.

Not only fans celebrating Lee Sooman’s birthday, the SMTOWN account also uploaded video footage of artists under SM Entertainment celebrating the birthday of their professor, Lee Sooman.

Starting from taking selfie in photo booth and decorate it with Lee Sooman’s photo stickers, to take photos together standee Lee Sooman also colored the excitement of SM Entertainment artists when celebrating Lee Sooman’s birthday.

In every uploaded video clip, SM Entertainment artists are also seen singing birthday songs, and wishing them a happy birthday.

Happy birthday, Teacher Lee Sooman. Please take care of Red Velvet in the future. Let’s be with Red Velvet forever,” Yeri said in the video.

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Master Lee, thank you for looking after us, encouraging us, and bringing us all together. Once again, happy birthday, I hope your days are always filled with good things,” wrote Jungwoo and Yuta NCT for Lee Sooman.

Today is Lee Sooman’s birthday. Happy birthday. Thank you for always being my place to share my complaints. Happy birthday,” wrote SHINee’s Onew.

Happy birthday, Teacher Lee Sooman. Stay healthy and thank you very much. We will take good care of ourselves. Next time, let’s eat delicious food together,” wrote Winter and Karina aespa.

And many more birthday wishes from SM Entertainment artists and fans for this K-Pop producer, teacher, and inventor. Once again happy 70th birthday to Lee Sooman, may you always be healthy.