December 6, 2022

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‘No Idea’ is viral on TikTok, these are 5 songs from Don Toliver that are no less addictive

Released in May 2019, the song titled No Idea, sung by American rapper Don Toliver, is very popular on the Tik ok application. Even in the third year, the song is still popular for doing dance challenges on the application. The No Idea title which surprisingly had a lot of fans was part of the Heaven or Hell album.

The singer who was born in Texas, United States of America started his career in 2017. The man whose real name is Caleb Zackery Don Toliver has received more attention after collaborating with his senior rapper Travis Scott with the song Can’t Say. Travis then took Don into his recording studio, Cactus Jack Records.

Don Toliver is known for his rap song style which plays more melodies than loud rhythms like most rappers. Has released at least three albums since 2018, here are the recommendations for Don Toliver’s songs that are no less cool than the previous viral songs:

What You Need

Don Toliver’s clip clip ‘What You Need’ (YouTube/ Don Toliver)

As the opening for his new album, Life of a Don, the music video for What You Need was released in May 2021. With a duration of 4:49 minutes, this r&b soul song managed to attract an audience of 16 million views on YouTube. The music is not overbeat and easy to follow, perfect for accompanying your relaxing time or as a friend while driving without disturbing your focus.


'Front view of Don Toliver's 'Xscape' video clip (YouTube/ Don Toliver)
‘Front view of Don Toliver’s ‘Xscape’ video clip (YouTube/ Don Toliver)

Still on the same album, the title of Xscape is accompanied by a luxurious melody that makes you feel calm when listening to it. Only has an audio version without video music, this song tells about how a woman is trapped in a relationship that she should be able to escape in order to fall in love with Don. This music has 1.9 million views on YouTube. If you are in the same situation, this song will be suitable for you to listen to.

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Fast Lane

Don Toliver, Lil Durk & Latto's video clip 'Fast Lane' (YouTube/ Atlantic Records)
Don Toliver, Lil Durk & Latto’s video clip ‘Fast Lane’ (YouTube/ Atlantic Records)

To enliven the Fast and Furious 9 movie, this song is present as one of the background music included in the album F9: The Fast Saga. Not singing alone, Don Toliver accompanied by Latto and Lil Durk collaborated on Fast Lane which is suitable to be listened to as an encouragement and motivation for sports. You can set this song while exercising to get more excited.


Don Toliver ft Travis Scott & Kaash Paige's video clip 'Euphoria' (YouTube/ Don Toliver)
Don Toliver ft Travis Scott & Kaash Paige’s video clip ‘Euphoria’ (YouTube/ Don Toliver)

Being one of the songs with the calmest and calming melodies throughout his career, Euphoria in collaboration with Kaash Paige and Traviss Scott is included in the album Heaven or Hell which was released in 2020. This quite soothing song will be comfortable to be your friend when you are about to fall asleep.


Justin Bieber ft Don Toliver 'Honest' video clip (YouTube/ Justine Bieber)
Justin Bieber ft Don Toliver ‘Honest’ video clip (YouTube/ Justine Bieber)

The latest from Don Toliver, this time he accompanied Justin Bieber in the single Honest which was just released in April 2022. This is their second collaboration after Don’t Go last year with Skrillex. Honest, which is a pop genre with a fun beat, you can listen to anytime.

Some of the Don Toliver song recommendations above can really add to your collection. For Don Toliver fans, stay tuned for the latest work from him this year.