October 1, 2022


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Ninja Assassin Movie Synopsis: The Best Ex-Assassin Who Steps aside for a Better Life

A person’s life is always shrouded in mystery. Even though since childhood he has been engulfed in sin and evil, it is not impossible that one day he will find light to return to the straight path. The desire of conscience that is determined to improve itself, will surely find a steep wall to be conquered. As experienced by Raizo, in the film entitled Ninja Assassin this 2009 release.

Raizo is the deadliest ninja assassin in the world. Since childhood, Raizo was taken from the streets, trained and turned into a cold-blooded trained assassin by the Ozunu clan, a secret society whose existence is considered a myth. However, for some reason, Raizo finally woke up and disappeared leaving the clan.

In Berlin, a Europol agent named Mika Caretti begins to find light in the flow of funds that are allegedly part of a network that has killed several prominent politicians. Despite having been warned by his superior, Ryan Maslaw, Mika Caretti still insisted on investigating the case, until he found out that this was connected to the Far East region, aka East Asia.

But unfortunately, the investigation effort put Mika Caretti in danger. He was targeted by the Ozunu Clan who then sent a team of assassins to silence him led by Takeshi, a deadly ninja. And this is where everything is connected. Mika who was threatened, was finally saved by Raizo from his attackers. However, of course this made the clan not stay silent. The clan’s best assassin squad was sent to capture Raizo, as well as silence Mika Caretti. A tense chase ensues, because the clan will never stop until they are both annihilated.

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They made various efforts in order to survive, until in the end, they had to live a final battle. A battle that risks Raizo’s life, and also a battle that will bring down the Ozunu clan which has been difficult to touch. A final battle that will determine the survival of both parties.

Well, for those who like adventure and action films, then film Ninja Assassin This is very appropriate to be a friend to spend free time. However, because this film is full of violent and bloody scenes, I hope you guys watch it wisely!