August 18, 2022

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NIKI Releases ‘High School in Jakarta’ MV for Nicole’s New Album

The singer of the song ‘Every Summertime’, NIKI will soon release her latest album, entitled ‘Nicole’. Ahead of the album’s release, NIKI released the MV ‘High School in Jakarta’ on August 5, 2022.

The MV ‘High School in Jakarta’ was released through the NIKI YouTube channel. Giving a retro feel, the MV features NIKI in her school uniform.

The song was produced by NIKI with Jacob Ray, who is known to be NIKI’s lover. In addition, Reske, who is also known to have co-produced several other NIKI songs, joined in producing the song ‘High School in Jakarta’.

It is known through NIKI’s Instagram upload on July 28, ‘High School in Jakarta’ is one of the title songs from NIKI’s upcoming album. The singer from Jakarta, who is successful in foreign countries, will release her latest album, Nicole, on August 12, 2022.

There will be a total of 12 songs on the album. As uploaded by NIKI, tracklist in Nicole’s albums, namely ‘Before’, ‘High School in Jakarta’, ‘Backburner’, ‘Keeping Tabs’, ‘The Apartment We Won’t Share’, ‘Facebook Friends’, ‘Anaheim’, ‘Milk Teeth’, ‘ Autumn’, ‘Oceans & Engines’, ‘On The Drive Home’, and ‘Take A Chance With Me’.

The songs ‘Before’ and ‘Oceans & Engines’ were first released by Niki in June and last July. A total of 3 songs have been released by NIKI before the release of Nicole’s album. Through these 3 songs, it is hoped that it will increase fans’ enthusiasm for the new album.

Through the ‘High School in Jakarta’ MV comment column, many fans gave positive responses and expressed their impatience for NIKI’s latest album. Many also praised NIKI’s ability to produce a song.

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After releasing Nicole’s album, NIKI will hold a concert tour to promote Nicole’s album starting next September. He will hold 27 concerts in 23 cities. Based on information obtained from the Nikizefanya website, more than half of the concert tickets have been sold out.

This concert tour will be held starting September 8, 2022 at the Malkin Bowl, Vancouver, BC as the first destination. Meanwhile, until the last announcement, The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA will be NIKI’s last destination for this concert tour.