July 2, 2022


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Nicky Wu is considered unworthy of Liu Shishi, this is the response of the actress

The celebrity couple Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu officially became husband and wife in January 2015. In 2011, the two were known to be co-stars in a Chinese drama Scarlett Heart. Now, Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu have a son who was born in April 2019.

From the start, Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu’s marriage was considered controversial by the public. The age difference between the two has always been a hot topic of conversation. Although they are considered equal in terms of looks and social status, Nicky Wu who is 17 years older is called not worthy of Liu Shishi.

In response to this, Liu Shishi did not hesitate to defend her husband. Adapted from Sohu, Liu Shishi explained that when she was in a relationship with Nicky Wu, she was just an unpopular little actress. When it comes to “not worthy”, Liu Shishi thinks that he is the one who is not worthy of Nicky Wu.

Nicky Wu had always been very considerate of Liu Shishi. He guides his wife to keep moving forward and work hard to build her career. With the support of her husband, Liu Shishi was slowly able to achieve the achievements and success that she has today.

From Liu Shishi’s explanation, it can be concluded that Nicky Wu is very far from the word “unfit”. Nicky Wu did not hesitate to choose her and sincerely loved her who at that time was a nobody. He was part of Liu Shishi’s success. How could Liu Shishi give up on loving Nicky Wu just because of a few words from netizens?

With public opinion constantly questioning Nicky Wu’s worthiness, he and his wife still have deep feelings for each other. Intense discussion among netizens did not make their relationship faltered. It can be seen that they really love each other.

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Apart from the negative comments directed at Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu, not a few too netizens who hopes that their marriage will last forever and be happy. They assume that people who continue to give hate speech to Nicky Wu are just jealous of his marriage to Liu Shishi which has gone well so far.