May 30, 2023

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Newly painted, the neighbor’s child scribbles on the wall, the reaction of his parents being reprimanded is even upsetting

When the owner renovates his house, of course he wants to see the house he lives in looks good. If the owner has just finished renovating the house suddenly someone who breaks it must be upset.

This is what happened to a woman who had just finished painting the walls of her house and even the neighbor’s children had scribbled on them. Quoted from the igtainmenttt Instagram account, re-uploading the woman’s story.

“People who renovate the house want it to be good, but don’t they get hurt if it’s like this?” wrote the woman in her video, as quoted by, Monday (31/10/2022).

In the video footage, the wall in front of the house that was used as a fence has just been painted green. However, some parts of the walls appear to have black streaks.

The black streak makes the green paint look dirty. Even though the house has only been occupied for 3 months.

This woman admitted to using wall paint which is expensive because it considers quality.

“What is used is also not cheap paint because of the consideration that it will last for several years,” he said.

The woman once reprimanded the parents of a child who scribbled on the walls of her house. The child’s parents, instead of apologizing, were angry to defend their child. This woman feels sad to have to face neighbors like that.

“The child is reprimanded, the parents are overweight, it’s wrong to have neighbors like this, they eat their hearts. Neighbors should live with tolerance and understand each other, it’s really annoying,” he said.

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She and her husband chose to repaint the walls. However, it has been painted twice and the neighbor’s child is still scribbling on the walls.

Netizens who watched the woman’s story gave a number of suggestions for dealing with such neighbors.

“Input: when you want to reprimand, buy CCTV first, when it happens, you want to call your neighbor, it’s good to use evidence,” commented a netizen.

“Then learn to be apathetic. It’s stupid. Install CCTV. If your child is naughty, you don’t need to be reprimanded. Print the CCTV video. Display it in front of the fence or bring the video to the RT RW,” suggested another.

“This must be rebuked more firmly. The parents must also be firm. It is the responsibility of parents to educate their children so they don’t damage other people’s property,” said another.

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