August 8, 2022

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NewJeans and LE SSERAFIM’s youngest members don’t match, HYBE floods with criticism

HYBE Labels has again drawn criticism from netizens regarding how they style the girl group members NewJeans and LE SSERAFIM who are still underage.

Quote from Koreaboo On Friday (29/7/2022), HYBE’s sub-label ADOR recently became a hot topic among netizens after they debuted underage members for their new girl group, NewJeans.

Now they are again reaping criticism from the public because of the inappropriate style of the youngest member of NewJeans.

The public admitted that ADOR made them wear T-Shirts with designs that were quite inviting and poses that were deemed inappropriate for their age.

The public is still watching how Min Hee Jin (ADOR’s CEO) handled underage idols in the past, now they are again questioning how he will deal with underage members with his new group.

However, apparently it was not only ADOR and Min Hee Jin who received criticism from the public, but the name Source Music was also dragged into and received criticism for being considered inappropriate in styling the underage group members.

Previously, LE SSERAFIM also used a mature concept and style for their debut song ‘Fearless’ even though they have two minor members, namely Hong Eun Chae (15 years old) and former member Kim Garam (16 years old).

When the song ‘Fearless’ was first released, the public also expressed their concerns for some choreography. Luckily they changed that style when they appeared on music shows.

Even so, HYBE and Source Music still received criticism about how the LE SSERAFIM members’ clothing style when performing.

I had a bad feeling about their outfit ever since the teaser was released. But I don’t think they will wear that style on stage. Their outfits look inappropriate and I’m afraid they will be more exposed and become victims of sexualization,” wrote one netizen.

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The topic of debuting underage idols is still a hot topic of discussion among the public. They hope that entertainment agencies pay more attention to how they present the image or style the underage idols.