October 6, 2022


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NewJeans Album Pre-Orders Record High, HYBE Shares Up 3.54 Percent

HYBE together with its label, ADOR, are currently preparing for the official debut of NewJeans, which is scheduled for August 1st. Even before it was officially launched, high expectations for the group had affected HYBE’s share price.

Adapted from KBIZoomThe Korean Stock Exchange on Friday (29/7/22) reported that HYBE closed the day with a stock price of 175,500 won, up 3.54 percent from the previous day. At the beginning of the market, HYBE’s stock price even jumped 4.50 percent following news of sales of HYBE’s new girl group album, NewJeans.

Pre-orders for NewJeans’ debut album ‘New Jeans’ which started on July 25 alone have surpassed 444,000 copies on its third day, July 28. This achievement made NewJeans the first rookie girl group to get that many album pre-orders.

NewJeans’ first week album sales are expected to exceed 500,000 copies, surpassing the previous highest first week sales record of 300,000 copies held by LE SSERAFIM through their debut album ‘FEARLESS’.

Prior to joining HYBE Labels, NewJeans creator Min Hee Jin, who previously worked at SM Entertainment, has also received recognition for his ability to work on popular groups such as Girls’ Generation, f(x), Red Velvet, and EXO. So don’t be surprised if NewJeans is highly anticipated by K-Pop fans.

After the MV ‘Attention’ was released, NewJeans received a lot of attention thanks to their visuals and performance skills. However, it was not only NewJeans’ MV that was greeted with enthusiasm, but also their debut album. Not long ago, the agency NewJeans has revealed the design of the album of this 5-member group.

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NewJeans’ debut album is packed full of merchandise and content with various attractive designs that fans love. The girl group also offers three different bag designs and various album purchases.

Fans can choose to purchase an eco-friendly CD-free digital album accompanied by a physical photocard, or the full bluebook version of the album that will be accompanied by a photobook from the members.

Seeing the great enthusiasm of the fans, NewJeans seems to have a promising future. So, it is not impossible for NewJeans to become the next popular group from HYBE Labels.

Source: KBIZoom