October 1, 2022


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New First Payday? 4 Financial Mistakes That Cause Missing Salaries

Getting a salary from your first job is one of those moments that can’t be forgotten. It feels great to be able to earn and have money of my own, after always asking my parents.

Even though you’re happy, don’t let yourself be complacent by spending it just for spree, okay? So that your salary doesn’t just hitch a ride, here are some tips that you can try when it’s your first payday. Let’s see!

1. Not making a budget

The first payday moment is actually very appropriate to start the habit of managing money well. Therefore, it is better to have read a lot about managing finances before work, so that later wages can be maximized.

One of the most common mistakes made on first payday, is not making a budget. In the end, the salary just ran out without knowing where it was allocated. It was like that, the salary that should have been sufficient for a month’s needs, so it ran out in just a few days due to not being planned beforehand.

2. ‘Revenge’

So happy that you now have your own money, which you can freely spend on anything, you become ‘revenge’. In the past, every time you wanted to buy something you had to be scolded by your parents first, now you don’t need to experience it again.

Never mind the actual salary for a month spent just like that without any restrictions. The goal is just to have fun!

3. Immediately take installments

Just getting paid for the first time immediately taking installments. In fact, the habit of buying with credit is actually not good, you know, especially for consumer goods that are not really important.

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If you have been accustomed to taking installments from the start, you can continue. This is often a source of financial problems, because the ratio of debt or installments is too large from salary.

4. Not saving

Feeling safe because you have got a job, you don’t feel the need for savings. In fact, this savings is important, you know, to anticipate unexpected events that require money.

Not setting up savings makes your condition very risky. Especially if you have installments. When there is a problem at work, for example, there is a sudden reduction in employees, you end up in a quandary.

Hopefully this description can make you wiser in spending your first salary, OK!